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The Longmen Grottoes(龙门石窟英文版)_文学_高等教育_教育专区

The Longmen Grottoes(龙门石窟英文版)_文学_高等教育_教育专区。龙门石窟英文版

1200172774960The Longmen Grottoes, in the Luoyang opens cutting from Northern Wei Dynasty, up to now more than 1,500 years history, it with the Dun huang Mo gao Caves, the Da tong cloud hillock rock cave together has composed our country famous three big rock caves art treasure house. 龙门石窟在洛阳市南郊的龙门山口的地方,是区别于市区 12.5 公里,也 and19 年开凿从北魏到现在为止有超过 1500 多年的历史,它与敦煌莫高石窟,大同云 岗石窟一起,谱写了我国著名的三大石窟艺术宝库。

we may see about 1,000 images of Buddha. According to 1962 Dragon Gate preservation of cultural relics statistics, two mountains extant holes niche more than2,100. Size statue 100,000, pagoda 40, statue prefatory remarks inscribed text approximately more than 2,870 blocks. Statue by Northern Wei Dynasty (Eastern Wei Dynasty, Northern Qi Dynasty), Sui Tang primarily. Northern Wei Dynasty approximately composes about 30%,Sui and Tang dynasties account for about 60%. The Long men Grottoes biggest statue for presents first temple Lu She nei the Buddha. 我们可以看到每分钟 1000 大大小小的佛像。据 1962 年统计龙门文物保护,两山 现存洞利基更多 than2,100。大小雕像 100,000,佛塔 40,雕像开场白碑文大约 有超过 2,870 块。雕像由北魏(东魏,北齐) ,隋唐为主。北魏约占 60%左右占 30%左右,隋唐。长男石窟最大的礼物第一寺路蛇内蒙古的佛像。

In the Longmen Grottoes, the Northern Wei Dynasty time cavern has representatively isin the ancient positive hole, Bin yang the hole, the lotus flower hole and so on. The Sui 代作 representative is south Bin yang the hole .The Tang Dynasty has the representative cavern to include: Dives north the brook temple, Bin yang the hole, Wan Fu dong, presents first the temple and so on. 在龙门石窟,北魏时有代表性洞窟已经触底古代积极洞,杨斌洞,莲花孔等。隋 朝代作代表,是南滨阳洞。唐代具有代表性的洞窟,其中包括:富豪北溪庙,杨 斌洞,万幅洞,第一次提出了庙等。

***Go any further, we have seen is the poke hole, by definition, because in the cave cave wall sculpture has 15000 4 centimeters named after a small Buddha, the Flying dancing Ku Ding, walls, under 6 Kuregaku were echoed up and down, creating a kind of Western Paradise Paradise peacefulness, Buddha million people in the scene, in the caves outside the walls engraved with a Guanyin statue, which faces Fengrun, while the left holds water jar for ablutions, right arm holding whisk and fly in the right shoulder, the entire statue seems subtle and dignified. This is the most beautiful carved in the Tang Dynasty was also the first statue of the Goddess of Mercy. Continue to move forward, we see there is a Kuding carved more than 3 meters in diameter lotus Cidong is Lianhua Dong, the main statue of Sakyamuni is for his two disciples Kasyapa and Ananda preaching delegate method , in the Lianhua Dong There is also a great miracle is in the south wall of carved cave is only two centimeters of the small Buddha statues everybody these small facial features clear and lifelike. 再往前走,我们看到的就是万佛洞,顾名思义,就是因为在洞内窟壁上雕刻有一 万五千尊四厘米的小佛像而得名,窟顶的飞天翩翩起舞,墙下的六位伎乐人上下 呼应,营造了一种西天极乐世界歌舞升平,万人成佛的场景,在窟门外的墙壁刻 有一观音塑像,它面部丰润,左手持净瓶,右臂持拂尘,搭于右肩,整个塑像显 得含蓄,端庄。这是唐代雕刻的最美的也是最早的观音塑像。

继续往前走,我们看到在窟顶雕有一朵直径达 3 米多的莲花,此洞就是莲花 洞,主尊释迦牟尼正为他的两个弟子迦叶和阿难讲经授法,在莲花洞中还有一大 奇迹就是在洞窟的南壁上雕有仅二厘米的小佛像,这些小佛像个个五官清晰,栩 栩如生。**** The Long men Grottoes look like richly colorful, the comprehensive big museum, for research and so on our country history, religion, culture art , medicine, has provided the extremely precious material. 龙门石窟看起来丰富多彩,全面的大博物馆,研究等对我国历史,宗教,文化艺 术,医药,提供了极其宝贵的材料。



Longmen Grottoes is located at the foot of YiqueMountain 12km south of Luoyang City proper,whereYi River traverses northward between two mountainpeaks which are just like a pair of Chinese gatetowers. Indeed,Yique, the name of themountain,actually means gate of Yi River in Chinese,and Emperor Yang of SuiDynasty,when enjoying the beauty here,exclaimed with admiration, Isn t this the DragonGate! and that is the origin of the name:Longmen,he dragon gate in Chinese.

龙门石窟位于洛阳市南郊12公里处的伊阙山下。当年隋炀帝在此游玩时,望着整齐的伊阙山口,脱口说出 此乃龙门耶 ,故被称之为龙门。

The rocks of the mountain are hard and tough,quite ideal for stone sculpture,and LongmenGrottoes are the third cluster of cave temples commissioned by the imperial court,afterDunhuang Grottoes in Gansu and Yungang Grottoes in Datong of Shanxi. The carving began inNorth Wei dynasty,and went on through East and West Wei Dynasties,then the dynasties ofNorth,North Zhou,Sui,Tang,and the Five Dynasties Period,lasting for over 400 years.During this long period,the full scale and efficient carvings account to about 150 years.




Preserved in the grottoes are over 2 100 cave shrines sheltering 97 300 statues or more as wellas over 3 600 epigraphs or steles and 40 Buddhist stupas or pagodas.

龙门石窟现保存下来有窟完2 100多个、造像9.73万尊、题记和碑竭3 600余品、佛塔近40座。

Longmen Grottoes is truly a large museum of stone sculpture. Both an artistic ex- pression ofBuddhist culture and a reflection of the politics,economy,and social culture of the time,thecaves have pre- served for today a huge wealth of physical data of religion, fineart,architecture,calligraphy,music,costume,and medicine.


The landscape,mountain,and river of Longmen are grandiose and pretty, delightfullyscenic as the first of the eight beauties of Luoyang. Bai Ju-yi,the celebrated poet of TangDynasty,wrote that The landscape around Luoyang is wonderful,and Longmen is thebest ,which is still true for the present. Its ancient art,its splendid environment,and itsconvenient transportation,all attract groups of scholars and visitors from home and abroad.

龙门山河壮丽,风景宜人,自古即为洛阳八景之冠。唐代大诗人自居易有 洛都四郊山水之胜,龙门首焉 的佳句,今诵尤新。这里古老的艺术、优美的环境、方便的交通,吸引了众多的国内外学者和游人。

In 1961,Longmen Grottoes were brought under the state protection as a key culturalsite,and in November of 2000 the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO inscribed the site inits World Heritage List.


The three most well famed Buddhist grottoes in China are those in Dunhuang,Yungang,andLongmen. Yet Longmen Grottoes in the interior of China tops the other two with regard of thegeological position and the historical significance.










龙门石窟英文导游词_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。龙门石窟Ladies and gentlemen, now let’s appreciate the great works of ancient Chinese. What we can see

龙门石窟Ladies and gentlemen, now let’s appreciate the great works of ancient Chinese. What we can see now is the first temple in the western hill---Qianxi Temple, which was built in the early Tang Dynasty. The word Qianxi means hidden stream in Chinese. During the construction of the temple, the workers found a hidden stream at the place of the cave, hence the name. After seeing the Qianxi Temple, the cave in front us are the Bingyang Caves. The caves consist of the three large caves, the North, the Middle and the South Caves. They were all built under the imperial court of the Northern Wei Dynasty. The project was not finished in the Northern Wei Dynasty except the central one because of a palace rebelling. There are 11 big statues in the middle cave. Sakyamuni is of dignified and serene appearance, while his disciple and Bodhisattva are of slender figure and elegant look, which are the typical style of the late Northern Wei Dynasty. The floor is engraved with lotus patterns and on the rooftop is a relieve of flourishing lotus flower. The South Cave was completed in the late Sui Dynasty, and the North Cave in the early Tang Dynasty, each with a style of their own days. In the West Hill of Longmen, there are several “the most” caves to feast your eyes. Just now, we visited the Ten-thousand Buddha Cave with 15000 Buddhist images, which has the most Buddha images, and the Lotus Cave with 2cm-high Buddha images, which are the tiniest Buddha images. And now, we’ve come to another “most”, the Fengxian Temple, the symbol or the soul of the world-known great Longmen-grottoes, built in the Tang Dynasty, and it is the largest grotto in Longmen Temple with a width of 36 metres (about 118 feet) and a length of 41 metres (about 136 feet). There are nine major figures of various facial appearances and temperaments in the temple that were built in accordance with the Buddhist rite and their relationships by the artists. The most impressive figure is the statue of Vairocana Buddha sitting cross-legged on the eight-square lotus throne. It is 17.14 metres (about 56.23 feet) in total height with the head four metres (about 13 feet) in height and the ears 1.9 metres (about 6.2 feet) in length. Vairocana means illuminating all things in the sutra. The Buddha has a well-filled figure, a sacred and kindly expression and an elegant smile. At the sides of Vairocana there are two statues of Vairocana Buddha s disciples, Kasyapa and Ananda, (Heavenly King and Great Men of Strength) wearing prudent and devout expressions. The various appearances and delicate designs are the representations of Empire Tang s powerful material and spiritual strength as well as the high crystallization of people s wisdoms. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the “Prescription Cave”, known as Yaofang Dong in Chinese, because 140 prescriptions were engraved at the doorway or inside the cave. It was started in the Northern Qi Dynasty and completed in the early Tang Dynasty with duration of 200 years. The prescriptions preserved in the cave boast the earliest of all the prescription carvings of ancient times. Then we come to the Guyang Cave. It is the earliest cave in Longmen Grottoes. It has a history of over 1500 years, and was developed on the base of a natural cave. There are three tiers of niches on the northern and southern wall of the cave, in which are hundreds of statues, and most of the statues are engraved with the names of the artists, the dates and the reasons for carving them. One thing we have to point out is that nineteen of the most famous Twenty Calligraphies are found in Guyang Cave. Twenty Calligraphies represent the steles of the Wei s style, which are the essentials of stele calligraphies in Longmen Grottoes. Ok, Dear friends, the Longmen Grottoes trip is coming to the end. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. It is my hope that you’ve enjoyed the trip as much as I have. Thank you! 今日推荐